UST 20-PLC6B-08 10-Day 6-AA Lantern

UST 20-PLC6B-08 10-Day 6-AA Lantern; silly name, great lantern. A key step in preparing for a power failure is emergency lighting. Flashlights like the Fenix LD10 are a good start, but they are not always practical; try to light up a kitchen when cooking during a power outage with a flashlight. Ultimate Survival Gear also produces larger versions the lantern that use bigger batteries and have a longer run time. The lantern in this review is orange, but a variety of colours are available. 

UST 20-PLC6B-08  handle folded

UST 20-PLC6B-08 handle folded

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Fenix LD10 Review

Do you ever find your self in the dark? Not the metaphorical darkness, I mean a power outage, or place with little or no available light. We recently had a rash of power outages at the office and the emergency lights did just fine to get everyone out of the building. During a power failure at home I tried to look for two flashlights I keep for black outs. I knew I had the lights but couldn’t see in the drawer or the toolbox they live in. Time to carry a flash light, I suppose.

The other place I often find I need a light is my outdoor rifle range. The shooting benches are closed in on three sides plus the roof. This is great for keeping the weather out, but when we stop shooting at dusk, it can be awfully dark by the time I’m finally packed up.

I picked up a Fenix LD10 light for everyday carry to address the few times I find myself in the dark.

Fenix LD100

Fenix LD10

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Striker II GTX Uniform Boots Review

Danner, a company that does one thing really, really, well. In my never-ending quest to try every kind of boot on the planet I picked up a pair of Danner Striker™ II GTX Uniform Boots. This pair of Striker IIs are an 8″, waterproof, side-zippered, imported, leather and nylon boot. After having some water resistance issues with my 5.11 Speed boots I was looking for something a little closer to a traditional combat boot, with waterproof-ness for fall and spring wear.

Striker™ II GTX front

Danner Striker™ II GTX front

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Tactical Tailor Admin Pouch Enhanced Review

How do you keep your mission essential kit accessible without sacrificing space?

EDC items normally find a home in a pocket or on the belt which is great for day to day. When running a battle belt, access to your pockets and pants belt is limited at best. I run a battle belt and chest rig at Service Conditions matches and still need carry some small but important items with me.

Tactical Tailor Admin Pouch Enhanced closed

Tactical Tailor Admin Pouch Enhanced closed

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5.11 Tactical Speed Boot Review

5.11 makes some great high quality gear – like their pants – and some lesser quality gear. The 5.11 Tactical Speed 8″ Boot falls closer to the lesser quality end of the gear spectrum. The Speed Boot has a polishable leather toe, a nylon upper, and an oil and slip resistant outsole. Having had these boots for a year I have had an opportunity to really abuse test them.

5.11 Tactical 8" Speed Boot

5.11 Tactical 8″ Speed Boot

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TGO Mag Well Installation and Review

One of the few improvements I wanted to make to my Remington R1 Enhanced is the same improvement that I think all 1911s benefit from … a mag well. Preferably the biggest most idiot proof mag well I can get my mitts on. Enter the Techwell TGO from Techwear USA.

Techwell TGO

Techwell TGO promo image from

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Fabulous Las Vegas – Machine Gun Experience AAR

The Missus and I just returned from 5 days of fun in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. We planed a last-minute vacation with another couple; stayed on the strip, saw the Grand Canyon, went to Hoover Dam, lost some money, all that good stuff. The part I want to share with my readers is “The Vegas Machine Gun Experience” from Discount Firearms and Ammo.

Fabulous Las Vegas

The famous welcome sign

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5.11 Rapid Assault Shirt Review

The 5.11 Rapid Assault Shirt is officially the most Tacticool shirt in my closet. At $65 USD its not  exactly inexpensive, and boy is it worth the price tag. The designed originally reminded me of the Flame Resistant Organizational Gear (FROG) combat shirts that the US Marine Corps started issuing to troops in Afghanistan a couple years ago.

Rapid Assault Shirt

Rapid Assault Shirt Front

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