UST 20-PLC6B-08 10-Day 6-AA Lantern

UST 20-PLC6B-08 10-Day 6-AA Lantern; silly name, great lantern. A key step in preparing for a power failure is emergency lighting. Flashlights like the Fenix LD10 are a good start, but they are not always practical; try to light up a kitchen when cooking during a power outage with a flashlight. Ultimate Survival Gear also produces larger versions the lantern that use bigger batteries and have a longer run time. The lantern in this review is orange, but a variety of colours are available. 

UST 20-PLC6B-08  handle folded

UST 20-PLC6B-08 handle folded

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Mail Call – Griffin Armament M4SD-II Muzzle Brake

The brake I selected for my SPR build, Griffin Armament’s  M4SD-II Muzzle Brake, came in the mail today.

M4SD-II Muzzle Brake

Griffin Armament M4SD-II Muzzle Brake

As I understand it the US Navy SPR project/Mk18 uses an Ops Inc Muzzle Break. These proved difficult to obtain in Canada and are close to $200 US.  I’ve opted to use another Griffin Armament product after being very pleased with the compensator I used in my 11.5″ upper build. Since I can’t buy a suppressor in Canada, muzzle device selection is purely for recoil management.

Mail Call – Tricon Trigger

The trigger I selected for my SPR build came in the mail today! Well yesterday but the postie doesn’t seem to leave any parcels or delivery slips at our house. Fortunately the tracking info online is updated when the parcel gets to the Post Office.

Super Tricon Trigger

Geissele Automatics Super Tricon Trigger

I selected Geissele Automatics’ Super Tricon Trigger for a few reasons. Since I’m putting this trigger in and SPR build specifically to shoot Service Rifle and maybe some Precision Rifle it had to meet the 4.5lb minimum weight for National Service Conditions Championship and Dominion of Canada Rifle Association rules. Secondly I liked the new design with the trigger bow flattening out towards the bottom and promising less sympathetic moment at the muzzle. Third its Geissele will almost certainly going be a good trigger.

Mail Call – SPR Handguard

I got a new Samson Mfg 12.37 rail in the mail today. I ordered the 12.37″ rail direct from Samson Mfg on Dec 31. The order processed on the 6th of Jan and I have as of the 13 of Jan.

Samson handguard

Samson Evolution 12.37″ rail

Made in the Free State of New Hampshire Samson Mfg is great to deal with. Cathleen Samson handles international orders and is great to talk to about their products and shipping options. When you order a rail from Samson, tell ’em we sent you!

Building an Improved First Aid Kit

So you were at the range, or in the car, or at the mall, and some how you’ve wound up with a hole in your body that you didn’t start the day with. People have negligent discharges, tons of steel moving at velocity down the highway sometimes collide, and now shopping centers are getting shot up (in New Jersey, and Kenya). Sometimes bad things happen, it’s all about being prepared and having the right tools to react. Today we’ll dive into Improved First Aid Kits, Blow Out Kits, Ventilated Operator Kits, etcetera ad nauseum. The tools I carry, and think every one else should too.

contents of my IFAK

contents of my IFAK

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Fenix LD10 Review

Do you ever find your self in the dark? Not the metaphorical darkness, I mean a power outage, or place with little or no available light. We recently had a rash of power outages at the office and the emergency lights did just fine to get everyone out of the building. During a power failure at home I tried to look for two flashlights I keep for black outs. I knew I had the lights but couldn’t see in the drawer or the toolbox they live in. Time to carry a flash light, I suppose.

The other place I often find I need a light is my outdoor rifle range. The shooting benches are closed in on three sides plus the roof. This is great for keeping the weather out, but when we stop shooting at dusk, it can be awfully dark by the time I’m finally packed up.

I picked up a Fenix LD10 light for everyday carry to address the few times I find myself in the dark.

Fenix LD100

Fenix LD10

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Tactical Tailor Admin Pouch Enhanced Review

How do you keep your mission essential kit accessible without sacrificing space?

EDC items normally find a home in a pocket or on the belt which is great for day to day. When running a battle belt, access to your pockets and pants belt is limited at best. I run a battle belt and chest rig at Service Conditions matches and still need carry some small but important items with me.

Tactical Tailor Admin Pouch Enhanced closed

Tactical Tailor Admin Pouch Enhanced closed

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Revision Military Sawfly Review

Front sight, sight alignment, sight picture – there is common theme here; sight. Shooters need to be concerned about their sight, there sights on their firearms, identifying their target and making all of this work together. When at the range there is always some potential for a malfunction or ricochet that could permanently damage the shooter’s eyes. The solution of course is wearing eye protection, which many ranges make mandatory. Serious shooters also know that the $5 special for safety glasses at the hardware store are not going to cut it at the range. My solution is Sawfly Shooter’s Kit from Revision Military.

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