Sheepdog 1.75″ Cobra Belt review

Tactical belts blew up a few years ago as a must have piece of kit and now we have a source for a high-quality cobra belts made in Canada by a veteran owned company. Sheepdog Tactical Equipment and Training is based in Ottawa, Ontario and makes several products in-house including their 1.75″ Cobra Belt. It’ll hold your pants up, and then some. It features the current standard in the tactical belt industry, an authentic AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle.

Sheepdog belt marketing image

image courtesy of Sheepdog Tactical

Editor’s note: While the writer of this article is a friend of the owner at Sheepdog Tactical Equipment and Training, he paid the retail price for this belt for personal use. You dear reader are getting an honest gear assessment.

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Dlask VZ-58 Extended Magazine Release – Installation & Review

In the never ending quest to make the VZ-58 easier to operate and more ergonomic, I’ve replaced the factory magazine release with an aftermarket option. Specifically I’ve used the VZ-58/CZ-858 Extended Magazine Release from Dlask Arms Corp. of Delta British Columbia.


Dlask Extended Magazine Release installed

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Men of Mayhem Patch

Men Of Mayhem Patch

Men Of Mayhem Patch

Everyone wants to be a gangster until its time to do gangster shit. You might recognize these patches form a certain group of motorcycle enthusiasts who could do more then just talk the talk. Wear it with pride, or maybe you’ll get to meet Mr Mayhem. This patch is velcro backed and  1″ x 3″.

$5 CAD per patch plus actual postage.
Contact to order yours!


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Poop Emoji Patch

Poop Emoji

Smiling Poop Emoji

The most popular emoji for Canadians* is now available in a 3″ x 3″ velcro backed morale patch to festoon your gear. Stick him on your sleeve, your, hat or your bag.

$5 CAD per patch plus actual postage.
Contact to order yours!


*Seriously, the CBC says Canadians use the poop emoji more than anyone else source

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UST 20-PLC6B-08 10-Day 6-AA Lantern

UST 20-PLC6B-08 10-Day 6-AA Lantern; silly name, great lantern. A key step in preparing for a power failure is emergency lighting. Flashlights like the Fenix LD10 are a good start, but they are not always practical; try to light up a kitchen when cooking during a power outage with a flashlight. Ultimate Survival Gear also produces larger versions the lantern that use bigger batteries and have a longer run time. The lantern in this review is orange, but a variety of colours are available. 

UST 20-PLC6B-08  handle folded

UST 20-PLC6B-08 handle folded

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Glen Freaking Tate

Holy crap! We got a facebook like from Glen Freaking Tate, author of the 299 days book series. Book 9 just came out last week and I’ve read it. Its amazing and sad. 299 Days IX: The Restoration on Amazon
Glen posted the image below and we shared it with our facebook friends.


we love Wes

Then this happened!

facebook like glen tate

Glen Freaking Tate liked our facebook page

I guess I need to make time to write some more, maybe I can grow up to be like Glen, ya know minus the lawyer bit. You can see our post about 299 Days books and patches here.

299 Days Patch and Books

The best part of coming home is getting care packages from the post box. The other best part of coming home is that today isn’t the day that we suffer an economic collapse, even if that means the boss expects me to drag my sorry carcass in again tomorrow. If you have not already read them, this is your subtle hint to run to Amazon and order Glen Tate’s series 299 Days.

299 Days PVC Patch

17th Irregulars Patch

While you’re at it head over to the The Survival Podcast Gear Shop and order up a PVC patch or two. I got my 17th Irregulars patch today and couldn’t be more pleased. Continue reading

Mail Call – Griffin Armament M4SD-II Muzzle Brake

The brake I selected for my SPR build, Griffin Armament’s  M4SD-II Muzzle Brake, came in the mail today.

M4SD-II Muzzle Brake

Griffin Armament M4SD-II Muzzle Brake

As I understand it the US Navy SPR project/Mk18 uses an Ops Inc Muzzle Break. These proved difficult to obtain in Canada and are close to $200 US.  I’ve opted to use another Griffin Armament product after being very pleased with the compensator I used in my 11.5″ upper build. Since I can’t buy a suppressor in Canada, muzzle device selection is purely for recoil management.