CQB Match 19 Septmeber

Match Information

We are sponsoring a Service Conditions style CQB match to take place at Guelph Rod and Gun Club to take place on 19 September 2015.

The cost per shooter is $30. EMT is preferred and can be sent to admin@everydaytacticool.com. Alternative payment options will be available on an individual basis.

Invitation letters for those that require them as a condition of their ATT should request one on the registration form.

Registration on match day is from 0800 through 0820. You must sign in as soon as you arrive at the range. You must sign in prior to the safety briefing at 0820.

Kit List

You are required to bring the following items to participate in the match;

  • a lunch, liquids, snacks. There is no time to leave the range
  • 3 pens and a registration pen, you need to sign in and keep scores
  • reliable carbine / rifle with sling
  • gun oil, CLP etc
  • scope, iron, laser, aimpoint, BUIS or some kind of sight system
  • any other attachment you want to add to your carbine, foregrip, light system etc.
  • 5 rifle mags, plus spares
  • mag clips / couplers are allowed
  • reliable ammo: 150 rifle rds, 50 pistol rds for the day, plus spares
  • tac vest or webbing or mag pouches
  • reliable pistol with holster
  • 2 pistol mags and pouches, plus spares
  • Mandatory hearing and eye protection


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