Striker II GTX Uniform Boots Review

Danner, a company that does one thing really, really, well. In my never-ending quest to try every kind of boot on the planet I picked up a pair of Danner Striker™ II GTX Uniform Boots. This pair of Striker IIs are an 8″, waterproof, side-zippered, imported, leather and nylon boot. After having some water resistance issues with my 5.11 Speed boots I was looking for something a little closer to a traditional combat boot, with waterproof-ness for fall and spring wear.

Striker™ II GTX front

Danner Striker™ II GTX front

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Revision Military Sawfly Review

Front sight, sight alignment, sight picture – there is common theme here; sight. Shooters need to be concerned about their sight, there sights on their firearms, identifying their target and making all of this work together. When at the range there is always some potential for a malfunction or ricochet that could permanently damage the shooter’s eyes. The solution of course is wearing eye protection, which many ranges make mandatory. Serious shooters also know that the $5 special for safety glasses at the hardware store are not going to cut it at the range. My solution is Sawfly Shooter’s Kit from Revision Military.

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March Update

Howdy Gunslingers, I have some gear news and updates for March. The big update is I have adequate gear for CQB and Service Rifle events for this season. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to attend any Service Rifle Events but I’m signed up for all but 1 CQB event. The one match I’ll miss is the same day as my club’s big annual 3 Gun Match. I’ve finished playing with the Tactical Tailor MAV and have added some items to the HSGI Sure-Grip Belt. My original impression of the MAV and HSGI belt can be found here. I received a new scope for my AR15. I’ve selected a Vortex Viper PST 1-4×24 TMCQ MRAD for this year’s CQB season. The Viper is replacing the Vortex SPARC on my 16″ Stag for now and will be mounted on the new CQB upper that I’ll be putting together this month. This month I should be able to assemble the parts I’ve been ordering to build an new upper for my AR15. I’ve gotten confirmation that the 11″ rail I ordered from Samson Manufacturing before SHOT show should ship next week. From Canadian dealers I have already received;

From Brownells I’ve gotten;

I’ll be re-purposing a Stag Bolt Carrier Group and using the lower from my 16″ Stag Model 2. I received parts I ordered for my Remington 870 Tactical and am putting together my take on a tactical shotgun. A post on this topic is now available.

New CQB Gear

Fedex dropped of a package for me yesterday from DSTactical. I placed an order with DSTactical during their boxing day sale and while they were our of stock on some of my items they were good enough to ship my new load bearing nylon gear.

I took up Close Quarters Battle or CQB which is organised as a Service Conditions event through the Ontario Rifle Association late last season. I had been using a Condor Vest as my load bearing equipment for CQB, 3 gun, and Tactical matches. This season I’ve decided to become more involved in CQB and plan to make most if not all of the matches at CFB Borden and I may be able to make a few of the clinics. Continue reading