Fenix LD10 Review

Do you ever find your self in the dark? Not the metaphorical darkness, I mean a power outage, or place with little or no available light. We recently had a rash of power outages at the office and the emergency lights did just fine to get everyone out of the building. During a power failure at home I tried to look for two flashlights I keep for black outs. I knew I had the lights but couldn’t see in the drawer or the toolbox they live in. Time to carry a flash light, I suppose.

The other place I often find I need a light is my outdoor rifle range. The shooting benches are closed in on three sides plus the roof. This is great for keeping the weather out, but when we stop shooting at dusk, it can be awfully dark by the time I’m finally packed up.

I picked up a Fenix LD10 light for everyday carry to address the few times I find myself in the dark.

Fenix LD100

Fenix LD10

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