Tactical Tailor Admin Pouch Enhanced Review

How do you keep your mission essential kit accessible without sacrificing space?

EDC items normally find a home in a pocket or on the belt which is great for day to day. When running a battle belt, access to your pockets and pants belt is limited at best. I run a battle belt and chest rig at Service Conditions matches and still need carry some small but important items with me.

Tactical Tailor Admin Pouch Enhanced closed

Tactical Tailor Admin Pouch Enhanced closed

What I Bought

To add some storage space to my chest rig, I picked up a Tactical Tailor Admin Pouch Enhanced. Enhanced tends to be a buzzword in the tactical arena, but in this case I think that Tactical Tailor did manage to enhance what I’ve come to expect from admin pouches. The Admin Pouch Enhanced is made from 1000D Cordura nylon and built to the high quality I’ve come to expect from Tactical Tailor. The Admin Pouch Enhanced is backed with 4 columns by 4 roles of PALS webbing. The Admin Pouch Enhanced comes with 2 short MALICE clips for mounting. The front of the pouch also has 4 rows of 4 columns of webbing. The front webbing is covered in loop material for attachment of name tapes and patches. My choices for patches are pretty plain; a name tape, a team Canada patch, and my 17th Irregulars patch. The bottom of the Admin Pouch Enhanced features two elastic loops.


  • 5″ tall x 8″ wide x 2″ deep
  • 1000D Cordura nylon
  • Adjustable opening
  • Loop covered webbing front
  • Large internal pocket
  • Pen loops
  • 2 medium size internal pockets
  • 4 elastics loops inside
  • 2 elastic loops outside
  • Removable map pouch

What I Thought

The Admin Pouch Enhanced is well constructed and all the stitching is secured through out. The pouch is wide enough to support attachments of name tapes and has a clean front. I find most admin pouches feature an external tool/knife/mag pouch and a small loop field with only minimal internal storage. The Admin Pouch Enhanced has very well thought out internal storage.


The large pocket on the inside bottom can accommodate a field note book. There are 2 medium sized pockets in the top. I keep my Zero Tolerance 350 in one as its easier to withdraw then storing it in the elastic loops. I utilize the  4 large loops to stow a multi-tool, a lighter, and a flash light. The lower section, under the map pouch, has 5 elastic loops of varying size that accommodates pens.

The Admin Pouch Enhanced comes with a map pouch. I considered removing it as it is attached with hook and loop. Having used it for a while I’ve found its true purpose – to hold my score card, round count/stage descriptions, and ballistics tables, all while keeping them dry in adverse weather. It also makes an ideal writing surface with the adjustable internal cord controlling how much the pouch opens.

Tactical Tailor Admin Pouch Enhanced open on vest

Tactical Tailor Admin Pouch Enhanced open on vest


  • Well constructed
  • Plenty of internal storage
  • Removable map pouch
  • Adjustable opening
  • Loop covered front


  • External elastic loops


  • What cons?

I’m extremely happy with the addition of the Tactical Tailor Admin Pouch Enhanced to my chest rig. I can carry all the small items I need to keep on top of my non-shooting activities at a match. The pouch is very rugged and built to the standard I expect from Tactical Tailor.

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5 Responses to Tactical Tailor Admin Pouch Enhanced Review

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  2. Cartwright says:

    Where did you get your nametape with the awesome mini flag?

  3. Golani says:

    I would give it 4 out of 5 stars. Not having a zipper or other means of closing the internal pouches allows everything to fall out.

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