Spearhead Moroccan Brown Ale

Spearhead Moroccan Brown Ale

Spearhead Moroccan Brown Ale

Name: Moroccan Brown Ale
Brewery: Spearhead Brewing Company
Style: Brown Ale
ABV: 6.0%
Origin: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Cost: $13.95 per 6 pack

Spearhead has been brewing beer since 2011 and currently offers three labels. Spearhead likes to use unusual ingredients and brewing methods to make all-natural craft beer in small batches in its Toronto Brewery.

Appearance 4/5

Pours a cloudy dark amber almost mahogany colour. Head is very thin light beige in colour and dissipates immediately. The cloudiness is probably a by product of the beer being unfiltered.

Aroma 4/5

The beer smells very malty and a little yeasty, reminiscent of fresh biscuits. There is also a smell that is plum or date, along with dried fruit.

Palate 3/5

The beer is very thin and the carbonation is light.

Flavor 5/5

Brewed as a unique American Brown Ale the Moroccan Brown is brewed with dates, figs, raisins and cinnamon, which all blend together to to make a distinct set of flavors. I find the beer tastes of plum, brown sugar, and dried fruit. I find this beer very sweet for a brown ale. The Moroccan Brown is tastes very malty.

Overall 16/20

Spearhead has created a unique Brown Ale and while I can’t drink a 6 pack in one sitting they make a great after dinner beer or pair well with grilled beef or chicken.


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