Hobgoblin by Wychwood Brewery


Fantastic artwork on the label

Name: Hobgoblin
Brewery: Wychwood Brewery
Style: Ruby Ale
ABV: 5.2%
Origin: Witney, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Cost: $3.50 per bottle

Appearance 5/5

Individual bottle presentation is exciting and unusual. Bottle is an uniquely shaped, art work features a mythical Goblin from Wychwood forest near the brewery. Pours almost clear in a very dark ruby with thin beige head.

Aroma 4/5

Smells strongly of chocolate and malt. Has citrus and hoppy undertones. Weak earthy or woodsy notes.

Palate 4/5

Creamy with medium to full body. There is little carbonation.


Hobgoblin glass. Deep ruby with thin beige head

Flavor 5/5

Brewed with pale, chocolate and crystal malts, and English Fuggles and Styrian Goldings hops. Has an earthy toasted malt start and then a moderate hoppy bitterness. The bitterness is not overwhelming and is complimented by hints of fruit like green apple or pear. Dry light finish.

Overall 18/20

A good flavorful full bodied English Ale. I’m a big fan of the flavors and how easy it drinks. I prefer it served just below room temperature. The bottle artwork is a strong selling feature. Overall a high quality well brewed ruby ale. Pricey but worthy of $3.50 per bottle.

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