Propeller IPA

Propeller IPA label

Propeller IPA label

Name: Propeller IPA
Brewery: Propeller Brewery
Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 6.5%
Origin: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Cost: $13.55 per 6 pack

Appearance 4/5

Pours clear bright amber/gold colour. Head is very pale tan not quite white, very bubbly.

Aroma 2/5

Smells very weakly of grass and very faintly herbal. The aroma is underwhelming when it looks and tastes so good.

Palate 2/5

Carbonation is average for an IPA. Propeller has a slightly oily feeling and the taste lingers a bit.

Flavor 4/5

Propeller is a true to form India Pale Ale.¬†It’s a little hoppy, a little bitter, a little grassy. Nothing bold or overwhelming, but not completely boring.

Overall 12/20

Propeller IPA falls into the ranks of an average IPA. Easy drinking and representative of the style and does not bring anything special to the table.

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