Nightmare on Mill Street

Nightmare On Mill Street Label

Nightmare On Mill Street Label

Name: Nightmare On Mill Street
Brewery: Mill Street Brewery (Trillium Beverage Inc)
Style: Flavored Ale
ABV: 5.0%
Origin: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Cost: $ 13.45 per 6 pack

Nightmare On Mill Street Poured

Nightmare On Mill Street Poured

Appearance 3/5

Pours a foggy dark amber with a minimal head of very fine bubbles and not much lace

I really like the flaming Jack-o’-lantern artwork on the label.

Aroma 5/5

Has a distinct pumpkin and mild spice aroma, with quite strong toffee and nut notes.

Palate 4/5

Pleasant balance feel with moderate carbonation.

Flavor 5/5

The spices are very mild undertone compared to the pumpkin flavors. Very minimal hoppiness and slightly bitter.

Mill Street Cap

Nightmare On Mill Street Cap

Overall 17/20

Nightmare on Mill Street is packaged as part of Mill Street’s Autumn Harvest Sampler along with their Oktoberfest Beer. Nightmare on Mill Street is a very solid representation of a pumpkin ale. This beer smells perfect, tastes like pumpkin ale should, and is just a little more red then I’d like to see. I wish I could get it on its own, instead of as 3 of a 6 pack.

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