Mail Call – NEA barrel and receivers

Got my NEA package in the mail today. This will be the core of  my SPR build.

NEA parts

NEA 18″ heavy barrel and match receivers

I picked up the NEA-15 Z marked matched billet upper and lower from SFRC for a great deal. NEA is a relatively new Canadian based AR manufacturer that has had mixed reviews over the last few years. I have had a chance to shoot several of their rifles and a have one of their bolt carrier groups. For the price, nothing else could come close to the NEA receiver set. The upper is, surprisingly, complete. The lower however is stripped, as expected. I’m not super sold on the colour of the receivers, the finish is a dark grey.

I also ordered an NEA 18″ heavy barrel. Originally I was planning on exporting a White Oak Armament 18″ SPR barrel out of the US. Again the NEA product was priced incredibly low. This barrel is made of 4140 CMV, and features 1:7 polygonal rifling, and ARC+ finish. The NEA 18″ heavy barrel is set up as a mid length gas system, and while I was planning on using a rifle length system, I’m willing to try the mid-length to get an idea of the quality of the NEA barrel. 

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