Highballer Pumpkin Ale by Grand River Brewing

Highballer Label

Highballer Label

Name: Highballer Pumpkin Ale
Brewery: Grand River Brewing
Style: Flavoured Ale
ABV: 5.2%
Origin: Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Cost: $3.95 per bottle

Appearance 5/5

Pours a clear, burnt orange/amber color with a soapy, off white head. Looks exactly like you’d expect a pumpkin ale to look.

Highballer Pumpkin Ale Ale Poured

Highballer Pumpkin Ale Poured

Aroma 2/5

Slight acidity along with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, fruitcake and crystallized fruits. Smells more of spices, then of pumpkin.

Palate 3/5

Medium bodied, very fizzy, dry finish, very long aftertaste.

Flavor 2/5

Subtle pumpkin and pumpkin spice flavor. More nutmeg then pumpkin flavor.  Balanced with a pale ale malt profile.

Highballer Pumpkin Ale cap

Highballer Cap

Overall 12/20

Highballer Pumpkin Ale is made by one of my local breweries and is only available as a seasonal beer in the fall. It is a passable representation of a pumpkin ale. It has more spice flavors then pumpkin, but it does have a pleasant lingering aftertaste.

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