CQB Match Results – Oct 19 2013

Our Facebook followers got this information earlier today. If you haven’t already head over to https://www.facebook.com/everdaytacticool and give us a “like”. Yesterday we had a very successful CQB match. Thanks to all the shooters who came out to give it a go, especially our veteran shooters.  There were lots of regular faces from and some folks that were new to the sport. The match couldn’t have run much better. Ok a little better, we didn’t ask for the cold and the rain, but it was service conditions event and most of the shooters were not fazed by the poor weather in the afternoon. 

Special thanks to Rabe Pellet Pins for donating a brass sorter. Rabe Pellet Pins is your source for stainless steel Tumbling media.

Rabe Pellet Pins Brass Sorter

Rabe Pellet Pins Prize

Special thanks to Jeff A for donating a Team Urban Samurai Shirt and a muzzle device.

Jeff A Prize

Team Urban Samurai shirt

Special thanks Vortex Canada for donating two hats and two morale patches.


1 441 bhewy
2 436 mississaugagunnut
3 427 Ganderite
4 421 JRWQOR
5 419 Jhewy
6 416 Pobcat
7 412 the Duck
8 407 Dickson L
9 398 4tkal
1 397 Runningfool
2 386 ACE
3 383 ACPSC004
4 377 Gunzfly
5 368 John_Drucal
6 368 Rifledude
7 368 Eric P
8 341 Lawrence D
9 340 Leonard H
1 330 Tommy T
2 315 Marty V
3 303 Andy C
4 258 Tom O
5 251 Chris R
6 251 JD Spanner
7 246 alphaq227
8 217 forcedair
9 192 Galt
10 160 Luiz S

Click the link to download and Excel file with the full scores and results CQB Scores.xls


More photos can be found in our facebook album.

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