TGO Mag Well Installation and Review

One of the few improvements I wanted to make to my Remington R1 Enhanced is the same improvement that I think all 1911s benefit from … a mag well. Preferably the biggest most idiot proof mag well I can get my mitts on. Enter the Techwell TGO from Techwear USA.

Techwell TGO

Techwell TGO promo image from

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Fabulous Las Vegas – Machine Gun Experience AAR

The Missus and I just returned from 5 days of fun in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. We planed a last-minute vacation with another couple; stayed on the strip, saw the Grand Canyon, went to Hoover Dam, lost some money, all that good stuff. The part I want to share with my readers is “The Vegas Machine Gun Experience” from Discount Firearms and Ammo.

Fabulous Las Vegas

The famous welcome sign

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How to open a Spam Can

I’m taking a carbine course this weekend and expect to burn through 800+ rounds of 223 with my 11.5″ AR15. I’m not really into blowing through that many reloads when I can’t find powder to make more, and factory ammo is going for 50 cents around or more. At one of my local shops I found spam cans of Norinco 223 brass cased 55 grain  full metal jacket. Each can holds 800 rounds and was selling for $240. Crates of two cans were also available.

Norinco 223 Ammo

Norinco 223 Ammo

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5.11 Rapid Assault Shirt Review

The 5.11 Rapid Assault Shirt is officially the most Tacticool shirt in my closet. At $65 USD its not  exactly inexpensive, and boy is it worth the price tag. The designed originally reminded me of the Flame Resistant Organizational Gear (FROG) combat shirts that the US Marine Corps started issuing to troops in Afghanistan a couple years ago.

Rapid Assault Shirt

Rapid Assault Shirt Front

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LA Police Gear Operator Polo Review

What I Bought

LA Police Gear Polo

Olive Drab Green, Red, and Black, Operator Polos from LA Police Gear

I picked up 3 of LA Police Gear’s Operator Tactical Polo Shirt. I wear a polo most days both in my 9-5 job and on the range. I prefer the range of movement they provide while being a more business casual appearance over a tee shirt. Some of my favorite polos have started to wear out and are no longer manufactured, so I’m in the market for replacements. LA Police Gear says “We seriously challenge you to try and find a better polo that costs under $20 bucks that will not shrink, fade, or wrinkle”, that’s quite a challenge. I have some other LA Police Gear products and have been quite happy so I’m giving the Operator Polos a shot. Continue reading

Revision Military Sawfly Review

Front sight, sight alignment, sight picture – there is common theme here; sight. Shooters need to be concerned about their sight, there sights on their firearms, identifying their target and making all of this work together. When at the range there is always some potential for a malfunction or ricochet that could permanently damage the shooter’s eyes. The solution of course is wearing eye protection, which many ranges make mandatory. Serious shooters also know that the $5 special for safety glasses at the hardware store are not going to cut it at the range. My solution is Sawfly Shooter’s Kit from Revision Military.

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