299 Days Patch and Books

The best part of coming home is getting care packages from the post box. The other best part of coming home is that today isn’t the day that we suffer an economic collapse, even if that means the boss expects me to drag my sorry carcass in again tomorrow. If you have not already read them, this is your subtle hint to run to Amazon and order Glen Tate’s series 299 Days.

299 Days PVC Patch

17th Irregulars Patch

While you’re at it head over to the The Survival Podcast Gear Shop and order up a PVC patch or two. I got my 17th Irregulars patch today and couldn’t be more pleased. Patches from TSPgear.com Order the books from Amazon

299 Days: The Preparation (Volume 1) 299 Days: The Collapse (Volume 2) 299 Days: The Community (Volume 3)
  299 Days: The Stronghold (Volume 4)  299 Days: The Visitors (Volume 5)   299 Days: The 17th Irregulars (Volume 6)
299 Days: The Change of Seasons (Volume 7)
299 Days: The War (Volume 8)

This post originally appeared on 3 Sep 2013
Book 7 was added to the list on 14 Feb 2014
Book 8 was added to the list on 29 March 2014

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